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New to Reception '21 Transition Information/Presentations- please scroll to the bottom of this page.



Dress for the weather

We make the most of our lovely outdoor learning environment in Reception. Please ensure that your child has wellies and a waterproof coat in school each day. On sunny days please bring a named sunhat and we  ask that parents/carers ensure they have applied 8hr/all day suncream before arriving at school.


Reception Learning

Weekly homework for all pupils in Reception has a reading focus. Book bags need to be brought in every Monday, starting Monday 13th September. We will send out a letter on the 13th explaining Reading and Homework routines for Reception.

Feel free to email with any questions.




Week Two Autumn Term- outline of planned learning opportunities (WB 13th September)

Storytime  Story time for the first two weeks will focus on supporting the children to settle and to follow our story time rules (Listening, Looking, Sitting, Hands up). 

Our main story, which we will revisit frequently, is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and we will talk about how the owls feel whilst they are waiting for their mummy to return. There is a link below to this story as well as a document sharing the things that we will be talking about and experiencing in school. 


There is also a link to Topsy and Tim's first day at school below, which we will be using to talk about feelings as the children start Reception.



Phonics  Daily phonics lessons this week will teach the sounds m, a, s, and d. As well as learning the sounds we will be using them in Fred talk and we will practise writing each letter with the correct formation. There are some ideas for Fred Talk games below if you are interested. Your child will being home a letter/sound worksheet each day (Monday-Thursday) which they have completed in school. Ask them about this- sharing what they have learnt in school with you, will help them to to remember and recall any new knowledge and skills.


Mathematics  Our Maths unit for the first three weeks is called 'Getting to Know You'. We will spend time playing with the children and helping them settle to new routines. Learning where resources go and tidying up will provide lots of opportunities for maths talk. We will be singing and talking about counting rhymes and we will be using Numberblocks to talk about numbers to 5.

We have saved The White Rose Planning Document below which has clear guidance on how we teach counting in Reception.

We have also saved a document that will support discussions at home when watching Numberblocks, tidying up and singing counting rhymes. 

Plans and Resources for the start of the Autumn Term

Video- Ideas for discussion using wordless books


Video - How to say each set one sound with Mrs Sim

Set 1 Sounds.mp4

New to Reception September 2021 Transition Presentations

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