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Reception Learning 

We hope that you will find everything that you need on this webpage to support your child with their weekly homework this year.

This year, we will also be using this page to share our weekly planned learning outcomes, information and resources to support any families who need to teach their child at home for a period (for example- quarantine rules/self-isolation due to contact with case of coronavirus or a prior home-school learning agreement). If the school has to close or the whole class needs to self-isolate for any period we will immediately use the Caen Primary Foundation Centre Home Learning Page on facebook where teachers will post your child's daily phonics, maths, story and play activity lessons via video. Please contact Mrs Sim if you have any questions about setting up access to this group. We hope that it will not be needed, but would like everyone signed up ready to go just in case!

We will update this website by Monday afternoon each week, setting out information for the week ahead. 

We sent home a letter on day 1 (7.9.20) with general contact information and reading/ homework expectations. There is a copy saved below for your information. We will also send parents a weekly email with news/reminders- this will be sent on Thursdays or Fridays.

Please feel free to Email your child's teacher with any questions/concerns/messages. If your message is urgent or time senstive please Email the school office (address above)

               jsim@caen.devon.sch.uk                  gdarling@caen.devon.sch.uk               

Week Ten outline of planned learning opportunities (WB 16th November)

Please remember to come to school wearing a waterproof coat everyday and with all day sunscreen already applied and a sunhat if the weather is sunny.

Our main story this week is the traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs'. There is a link to a video of this story below. We will be sharing different versions of the story and focusing on careful listening to answer questions about the characters such as,

  • What did mum say to her little pigs before they left?
  • What did the first little pig/second little pig/third little pig do?
  • Tell me which pig kept on trying/was the cleverest/laziest?
  • Why did the wolf keep trying to blow the house down?
  • Does this story remind you of any other stories that you have heard?


We will continue our daily phonics lessons. We have now learnt all of the single letter sounds (m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e, l, h, r , j, v, y, w, z and x) and we have learnt the special friends qu and ck.  

This week we will learn the special friends sh and ch. We will be blending sounds together to read small words such as ship, chop, fish, chip and chin.

The phonics presentation and videos below will give more information about how we teach phonics. For homework each week please revisit the sounds learnt so far using your child's green sound book. This book can also be used to practise letter formation. The only letter that we form differently (not as outlined in the green sound book) is x and a worksheet can be found in the resources below to show the formation for this letter.

In Mathematics we will complete the White Rose unit "It's me 1, 2, 3!" If you are teaching at home the daily White Rose Home learning videos that align with our planning in school can be accessed using the following link. You could also watch and discuss any episode from series one of Numberblocks on the CBeebies website.


In the Autumn term we will be digging deeper with numbers to 5, learning to subitise small amounts, as well as counting aloud forwards and backwards to 20 using stable order. The White Rose Maths Planning is saved below for this unit, as is the guidance which contains more information about counting principles and vocabulary we use with the children.

This week we will also be starting to learn some Christmas songs so that we can perform a virtual nativity for you. Due to lockdown we have decided that no costumes will be needed this year. We will instead be making headbands/crowns etc with the children in school for them to wear. The first song that we will learn this week is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We will be teaching makaton signing as well, so you might like to ask your child to share this with you. There is a video saved below to support home learning for this song.

Our Autumn Term Learning overview is also saved below. This will give information about what we plan to teach in all seven areas of learning this term (page one) and will give some ideas about how to support learning at home on page two. There is a lot of information on this document and there is no expectation that you try to cover all of the suggestions. You may like to choose things that interest your child or that you know they need support with.

Plans and Resources for Week Ten (WB 16th November)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

CBeebies_ Something Special _ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.mp4

New Phonics Presentation/Workshop for parents and Reading and Phonics Support Resources

Video 1 from Phonics presentation How to say each sound

Parent video- How to say the sounds.mp4

Video 2 from Phonics presentation How we teach new sounds -set one

Set 1 Speed Sounds - 'm' with Ruth.mp4

Video 3 from Phonics presentation How we teach blending for reading

Set 1 Word Time Reading - Lesson 11 with Gareth.mp4

Video 4 from Phonics presentation How we teach segmenting for spelling

Set 1 Spelling - Lesson 11 with Sara.mp4

How to say all set one sounds with Mrs Sim


Mrs Darling reads 'The Little Red Hen'


Mrs. Goodyear reads 'What the Ladybird Heard'


Mrs. Cooper reads 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'


Mrs. Sim reads 'Farmer Duck'

Farmer Duck.mp4

Welcome to Reception September 2020 Transition Presentation

Video posted 4.9.20 Welcome Butterflies


Video Posted 4.9.20 Welcome Bumblebees

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