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Foundation Centre

Reminder- Hot weather

Please ensure that your child comes to school wearing all day sunscreen and brings a sunhat with them.


Our Foundation Centre has one Nursery class and two Reception classes. The Reception classes are taught by Mrs Sim, Mrs Berridge and Mrs Melville-Brown and they are supported by Mrs Naish, Mrs Goodyear, Mrs Samuel-Poh and Mrs Rogers. The Nursery is led by Chani Cooper and is supported by Caryn Foster, Claire Haines, Alice Rivans,  Lucy Twitchen and Molly Marangone. Administrative information for our Nursery can be found by following the 'About Us' tab.

Amy Hamer, a very experienced early years teacher, is leading our Nursery whilst Chani is on Maternity leave.

Mrs Alison Williams and Mrs Mandi Hewitt join the team to support the children at lunchtimes and provide occasional cover for absenses and staff training. 


Our Autumn Term theme in Reception is "Stories and Rhymes". Please see the attached overview for our starting points and ways to help at home. If you would like any further information about the curriculum please make an appointment to see your child's teacher in the first instance.

Also attached below are Pie Corbett's reading spine books. These stories will be shared in school regularly, so that your child becomes very familiar with them.

Reception Homework

Homework in Reception has a reading focus. We firmly believe that reading and sharing stories at home, from an early age, is the key to early learning success.

In the Autumn term homework will consist of new phonic sounds to practise. In the Spring term, there will be a 'red' word focus and in the Summer term, we focus on wider reading for pleasure. We ask that you share stories as often as possible and that you hear your child read daily and complete their home reading diary.

Attending our phonic workshop early in the Autumn term is highly recommended. This will outline how your child will learn to read at school.

Below are some ideas for games to encourage 'Fred Talk' (sounding out), the handwriting phrases to support accurate letter formation, a video to demonstrate how to say each letter sound correctly and the list of irregular 'red' words that your child will learn to read and spell this year. There is also a guide to explain how RWI aligns with National Book Bands and a selection of ideas for games and activities to support your child to learn to read and spell Red Words.

Information for Parents- How to say the sounds.mp4
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