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Reception Learning

Now we are open to all pupils, we will use this page to share information about planned learning for the week for your interest and in case you need to self isolate for a period.

Weekly homework for all pupils in Reception has a reading focus.

Please share your child's story and scheme books frequently throughout the week, so that they know them really well and can talk about characters, events and settings. There will also be some red (irregular) words to learn at home. These can be found below as a downloadable pdf and were included in your homelearning packs.

As social distancing makes it difficult to have conversations at pick up and drop off, please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns. Please be aware that we are usually unable to read/check emails during the school day, but will respond at quickly as we can.



Week Nine Spring Term- outline of planned learning opportunities (WB 8th March)


Our main focus this week will be reconnecting and playing with our friends, having lots of conversations and ensuring that all of the children feel happy and settled.

Storytime Our new story is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We will be observing caterpillars closely to watch for changes, we will be talking about the life cycle of caterpillars and we will be ordering the days of the week.  


Phonics We continue our daily phonics lessons. We will be revisiting all of the sounds in set one and we will be reading individually with all of the children to ensure that they are given the correct level of scheme books. These will come home in bookbags each week from next Monday (15th March).

Mathematics  This week we will be following week 3 of "Building 9 and 10". We will be matching, building with and printing with 3D shapes and making repeating patterns.


Our Spring Term Learning overview is also saved below. This will give information about what we plan to teach in all seven areas of learning this term (page one) and will give some ideas about how to support learning at home on page two. There is a lot of information on this document and there is no expectation that you try to cover all of the suggestions. You may like to choose things that interest your child or that you know they need support with.

Plans and Resources for Week Nine Spring (WB 8th March)

Resource pack 2 (posted out 11.2.21)

Home learning Gallery

Extra links/Ideas for home learning (all optional)

Phonics Presentation/Workshop for parents and Reading and Phonics Support Resources

Video 1 from Phonics presentation How to say each sound with Mrs Sim

Set 1 Sounds.mp4

Video 2 from Phonics presentation How we teach new sounds -set one

Set 1 Speed Sounds - 'm' with Ruth.mp4

Video 3 from Phonics presentation How we teach blending for reading

Set 1 Word Time Reading - Lesson 11 with Gareth.mp4

Video 4 from Phonics presentation How we teach segmenting for spelling

Set 1 Spelling - Lesson 11 with Sara.mp4
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