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Mission Statement

Our school is a welcoming, safe and happy place where staff and families work together in mutual respect and understanding to give every child a superb start in life. We see the whole family as part of our school community; through excellent communication and support we aim to ensure that the environment around our children fosters their sense of security, confidence and readiness to learn.

At our school we support children to develop the attitudes and behaviours they need for life-long physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing. We learn how a healthy lifestyle helps us thrive physically; how our creativity allows us to express ourselves as individuals; how respect and tolerance enable us to work successfully with others.

We are a village school with an outlook as broad as the fields around us and a set of aspirations as high as the sky above us. Our beautiful beaches tempt us out of the classroom and encourage us to learn how to care for our precious natural environment. The sea on our doorstep reminds us how we are connected to a limitless world, with richly different cultures and experiences to explore.

At our school we enable every child to flourish, regardless of their starting point. Children make outstanding progress in their learning as a consequence of outstanding teaching and support tailored to their individual needs. Each child’s unique potential unfolds when they have the courage to have a go and the resilience to keep trying. Mistakes hold no fear; we celebrate them because we know they are part of the learning process.

When we make learning exciting and irresistible, the result is confident, happy children who are motivated by the successes they achieve through their own effort and perseverance.

Children will leave our school with a sense of belonging to the Caen family and the wider Braunton community; full of pride in what they have achieved; excited and hopeful for their future; and ready to take their place confidently in a rapidly changing world.

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